We work with the best car manufacturers in the world and we know how important a role your vehicle plays right now. Our service departments are open. If you need to replace your vehicle, our manufacturers will delay your payments up to 180 days. D-Patrick is here for you! Contact your dealership with any questions on these programs, hours of operation, local pickup and delivery, or any other vehicle questions you may have.

Ford - Six Month Payment Relief

We will defer three payments and make three payments for peace of mind up to six months on new vehicle sales.*

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VW - 120 Days Deferment On Your First Payment

We’re making it easier to purchase a vehicle with 0% APR financing for 72 months. And to help ease financial pressures, we’re deferring the first monthly payment for 120 days.*

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Lincoln - Defer Your First Payment Up To 120 Days

Receive 0% APR financing and defer your first payment up to 120 days on the purchase of a new Lincoln.*

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BMW - 90 Days To First Payment

Deferred payments and complementary maintenance for your new BMW.

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Honda - Make No Payments For 90 days

We're here to help. Buy a new Honda and make no payments for 90 days.*

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Nissan - 3 Months Deferred Payments

Help when you need it, 3 months deferred payments, and 2 months payment relief

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Mercedes-Benz - 90 Day First Monthly Payment Deferral

Get 0% APR for 36 months on most models and a 90-Day First Monthly Payment Deferral on any model, now through April 30.

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Porsche - 90 Days To First Payment

When Financing. Available on New and Certified Pre-Owned 1.95% available

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*See dealer and OEM websites below for full disclaimer and details. FordVWLincoln, BMW, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz.