Why Choose Our Auto Body Shop?

Peerless & certified in all 5 German manufacturers

When you invest in a luxury automobile from Germany's five premier brands, you expect perfection. So when your Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or Volkswagen is damaged in a collision, the manufacturer's trust the certified technicians at the D-Patrick Motoplex Certified Collision Center to fully restore that perfection.

Restoration without voiding the vehicle's warranty

D-Patrick Motoplex on Green River Road is the only collision center in the country certified by all five manufacturers to restore your vehicle to factory specs. When we fix a customer's car, the warranty is not affected and there is no loss to the car's value. Certified repair quality goes over and above insurance minimum standards and is guaranteed by the manufacturer and D-Patrick.

Our extensively trained technicians make history

The D-Patrick Motoplex Certified Collision Center in not your average body shop. Our certified technicians undergo at least four years of training and spend an additional six to eight weeks every year training in the latest repair techniques and proper reconstruction methods for each luxury brand. A few years ago, our technicians performed the first-ever BMW full side panel rebuild in the United States. The BMW Company flew in five engineers from Germany to observe the process.

Our cutting edge technology recreates assembly lines

The "rebuild" process after a collision involves rolling jigs (specialized movable benches on which the high-end European cars are mounted). Each bench has adjustable mounting points that secure the vehicle so every part is in the correct position. The jigs, made by the French company Celette, cost about $150,000 each and allow our certified technicians to recreate a European high line car factory assembly line. Each vehicle has a unique and accurate mounting schematic provided by the manufacturer.

Accurate restoration down to the last millimeter

The manufacturer allows just one millimeter of tolerance. Once the jig is arranged according to factory specs, each specific vehicle model fits perfectly. People falsely believe that once a vehicle has been structurally damaged, it never drives right again. That's simply not true here. The jigs are set up on "zero tolerance according to factory specs. In fact, after the repairs, the car is actually reassembled straighter than when it was on the original assembly line.

We maintain your vehicle's integrity by removing obstacles

Unlike regular body shops, the D-Patrick Motoplex Certified Collision Center does not bend or work around other car components such as wheels, struts and motors when making a repair. Most of the components are removed to allow for repair and reassembly. Each part is tagged and tracked to avoid any mix-ups and maintain vehicle integrity. This is the only way to perfectly repair the vehicle back to original factory specs.

High quality workmanship for your high quality car

Whether it's an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or Volkswagen, only the highest quality materials and workmanship go into a luxury German car. That's why D-Patrick has invested in specialized equipment and materials for making certified repairs. The shop includes high-tech aluminum welders for installation of aluminum parts that cannot be repaired and must be replaced. These welders are miniature versions of the robot welders in European factories.

Paint that is safe, waste-free & a perfect match

The Germany luxury vehicles manufacturers will not certify repairs that use lesser equipment. The shop also uses waterborne paint in reconstructive finish work. European manufacturers have used this water-based paint for a decade and requires its use for certified repairs. The paint has no poisonous chemicals or solvents and produces virtually no waste, making it environmentally friendly. It is made to European specifications, which guarantees a perfect color match.

The only BMW certified body shop within 150 miles

D-Patrick Motoplex Certified Collision Center is the only shop in the country trusted by all five German luxury carmakers to repair vehicles the correct way. It is the only shop within 150 miles that is certified to rebuild BMWs and D-Patrick is committed to delivering unparalleled quality and keeping your car functioning exactly as designed.

The only choice to perfectly restore your luxury vehicle

When your luxury automobile needs repairs, you deserve perfection. The luxury automobile manufacturers demand perfection. That's why there is only one choice in the Tri-State when it comes to luxury automotive repair perfection: D-Patrick Motoplex Certified Collision Center.

D-Patrick Motoplex Certified Collision Center
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